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Ruby Rosetta Crawford (née Jackson) is a Syrian-american sim made by a Syrian teenager, she's also known as rubythecoolsim. She's born at April 17th 1990, her dad is from Sunset Valley and her mom is from Aleppo. She was a pretty normal girl until she became 7 years old. She had a trip to Moonlight Falls and became a fairy from a having fairy dust. Her teenage life was pretty sad, she was not popular during her school years, many have bullied her and have been heartbroken by several guys. She doesn't remember much about her childhood, but she remembers when she met her husband Martin Crawford since she went to Moonlight Falls. They became strongly best friends and fell in love. At a very young age, Ruby got pregnant with her first son but she forgot at what age because she was really rebellious. Edward Crawford was born here, and after they got married in 2009, they've had their second child one year later, Evelina Crawford. Ruby can be really grumpy sometimes but deep inside she wishes that everyone would know how warm her heart is, but she's sad that many people don't realize that. Ruby is a loyal wife, she never cheats on her husband and she loves her kids so much, and she's happy to see Edward and Evelina the way she wished them to be.


Her parents are unknown but she resembles her mother exactly and her eye color , pale skin from her dad. Ruby's natural hair color is black , but she dislikes her hair color and she likes to dye it a lot. She's got five tattoos: Pink butterfly tattoo on her back because she's a fairy, birds behind her neck, a pale pink plumbob and down in the same arm birds, "come fly with me" in the end of her back. She loves wearing anything tumblr-tastic and fashionable especially crop tops.

Photography and Internet

Ruby is not a model, but she likes to take pics of her life as a Tumblr girl, although she's never got good luck at Tumblr. She's sad that almost no one even knows that she exist on Tumblr. She joined Facebook when she was 24 that was on 2014, and joined other social medias like tumblr and instagram on 2015.


Ruby in Strangetown, trying to be tumblr.


Her zodiac sign is Aries. She's friendly , romantic, computer whiz , great kisser, confident, grumpy but emotional. Her anger causes her problems sometimes but she wishes to learn about anger management.She's shy at first but when knowing her better, she's funny, weirdo, loyal ,caring and never lets anyone down. But when she notices that people treat her unfairly when she is friendly to them, she just let them go because she doesn't waste her time with people who don't deserve her time.

Other facts

-The Crawford family is one of the wealthiest families in Sunset Valley

-Ruby is known for traveling a lot and meeting well known people. Although she misses Sunset Valley, but she's also in love with her trips and she loves to meet new people.

-Ruby's creator in real life, has decided to have a main sim since 2012. It was not Ruby but two years later, Ruby was created.

-Ruby's life state in each sims game is different. In sims 2 she's a good witch, in sims 3 she's a fairy and in sims 4 she's still a human since fairies or good witches don't exist yet, but she was first created in sims 3 so she's supposed to be a fairy overall.

-Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

-Spring and summer are her favorite seasons. She dislikes autumn and winter.

-Her parents are dead since she was a teenager (in fact, the creator didn't make parents for Ruby).

-Ruby is heterosexual. She never accepts anyone to ask her to change her sexuality . However, she's tolerated with LGBT people she knows.

-She's created on May 21st 2014.

-She loves cartoons so much and age isn't a thing for her.

-She was featured in Masterchef sims brazil in 2015.

-Her YouTube channel rubythecoolsim was created on October 13th, 2016 but her first video is uploaded at April 1st 2017

-She is married since 2009.

Tumblr sims 2

Ruby in the sims 2

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