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Ruby Rosetta Crawford (née Jackson) is a fairy sim, which is also known as lyokophantomsims (earlier known as rubythecoolsim.) She's created on 21. May 2014.


Her natural hair color is black, but she keeps dying her hair because she dislikes her natural hair color. She has a light skin and she has blue eyes. She used to have tattoos but she decided to remove them all because she's got bored of the drawings on her body. She also wears glasses.


Ruby is shown to have a good heart. She's kind, strong-willed but she can be a stubborn sometimes and she doesn't care what others think of her. Her careless attitude has caused her in troubles, but she's also a honest person.

Other facts

  • Ruby's creator in real life has decided to have a main sim since 2012. It was not Ruby but two years later, Ruby was created.
  • Ruby's life state in each sims game is different. In sims 2 she's a good witch, in sims 3 she's a fairy and in sims 4 she's still a human since fairies or good witches don't exist yet, but she was first created in sims 3 so she's supposed to be a fairy.
  • Her favorite colors are pink and purple.
  • If Ruby's creator had sims 3 seasons, one of Ruby's traits would be "loves the heat".
  • The creator didn't make parents for Ruby.
  • Ruby is heterosexual.
  • She was featured in Masterchef sims brazil in 2015.
  • Her YouTube channel was created on October 13th, 2016 but her first video was uploaded at April 1st 2017
  • She has simblr, but due to her busy life she isn't very active there.
  • Her famous CC is her holographic nails. Download here
Tumblr sims 2

Ruby in the sims 2